What We Offer To Employers

The Wellbeing for Working Lives service delivers efficient, cost-effective, evidence- based psychological interventions in the form or workshops and short courses to increase the resilience of your workforce.

  • Designed flexibly to meet the varied needs of different businesses
  • Delivered in the workplace, at a venue of your choice or individual places can be booked on courses in your local area
  • Workshops are delivered at competitive prices by professionally qualified clinicians with extensive experience within the mental health field
  • Based upon robust clinical models with proven outcomes in mental health resulting in a return in your investment in fewer days lost to mental health related sickness
  • Quality assured interventions in line with Government recommendations, standards and guidelines.

Who we are

Dr Fiona Murray currently manages Wellbeing Services, the Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS South Glasgow Primary Care Mental Health Team. With a BSc Honours in Psychology and Doctorate in Clincal Psychology with distinction from Newcastle University, she has successfully developed the service from inception in 2004 to the current day and also has a background in older people's mental health and addictions,

Fiona 07712 539 697

Carol Richards is a senior Cognitive Behavioural Therapist within the NHS Wellbeing Services. Carol has a background in Mental Health Nursing and has worked within a variety of mental health settings. Registered Mental Health Nurse, Dip Mental Health Nursing, BSc Health Studies, PG Cert CBT

Carol 0772 193 7723.

Level 1 Workshop

This one day workshop will promote understanding of the factors that influence wellbeing and contribute to the development of common mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Enable the participants to identify and understand how factors in their own lives may be influencing their mental wellbeing or have the potential to impact on their mental health in the future if not addressed.

Introduce evidence based psychological strategies that can be utilised to strengthen wellbeing and manage common mental health conditions e.g. problem solving, effective communication, behavioural activation and goal planning.

Use motivational enhancement techniques to support the participants to develop their own personalised action plans and specific goals related to improving their wellbeing.

Level 2 Workshops / Courses

Additional bolt on workshops and courses are available for employees who require a greater level of support as they are already absent from work or are experiencing more significant difficulties in relation to their mental health.

These workshops focus more in depth on specific mental health conditions and teach individuals over a longer time period strategies and techniques to manage the symptoms more effectively. Areas covered are :

Insomnia | Low Self Esteem | Depression | Anxiety | Irritability

In 2017 the Government called on all employers to support their employees with mental health conditions.

Evidence suggests that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions.

A staggering 70 million work days are lost each year due to mental health.